Spring Must Have. H & M Essentials By Anne Sofie

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Remember that green attitude towards your wardrobe? I promised I would be more careful with what I put in my closet. Think twice before purchasing an item and hopefully envision more than two ways to wear it.

So I decided it was time I refresh my “must have” shirt for spring / summer. Therefore I needed something reliable in shape and color, something that’ll last me more than the now season / year but also not a splurge. Naturally, H & M came to mind (I imagine Sofia Coppola would have said Charvet to that, but we’re on a budget here). So, basically, what I did, was finding a very similar shirt to the one I had but was getting too old for a good fit.

And, when I got to H & M (besides stuffing on kids basics), I couldn’t help but notice the Essentials by Ann – Sofie. Who is Ann-Sofie and what movie she was in, you say? Well, allow me to surprise you – Ann-Sofie Johansson is the head of design from H & M! So no Hollywood like celebrity here! And Ann-Sofie prepped a little must – have wardrobe for this spring season you should definitely consider! Key words: relaxed, laid back, neutral, versatile. There’s a video after the jump with Ann-Sofie talking about The Spring Essentials while Zuzana Gregorova models the looks! (via)

Spring Wardrobe Essentials HM

Spring Wardrobe Must Have HM

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