Meadham Kirchhoff Topshop Collection 2011

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I was thinking about the fast fashion designers collaborations – better said – the lack of and then something came to mind – a piece I have seen wondering around the fashinterwebs about Topshop and Meadham Kirchhoff.

The nine pieces collection is the second in its genre, ranging from $50 – 500, it doesn’t come cheap but it comes with a high Brit fashflavor I treasure. Vintagey and bohemian, the new Meadham segment is here to bring a taste of spring in your designer drawer. And though I’m not a fan of holes through (new) garments, I admit there’s a certain charm and style particularity in the Meadham Topshop dresses. How about you? Would you buy already trashed clothing as new? (Topshop via)

Meadham Kirchhoff Topshop 2011

Meadham Kirchhoff Topshop 2011 Collection

Meadham Topshop 2011 Collection

Meadham Topshop 2011

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