How To Get Photographed By Street Style Photographers

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A while back, a simple, extremely useful and pretty funny how-to was proposed to the fashpopulation by the ever – so – lovely Garance Dore. A guide for every anonymous fashionista out there to ascend to the popularity offered by the Street Style photographers.

Getting your pictured snapped by the fashpaparazzi is now an honor many of the stylish souls out there long for. And not in vain, for the fashhordes are holding their breath for the next Street Style Photo – post! Cutting to the chase – you have to follow few key elements to get your gorgeous self in one of them Street Styles Blogs! Click through to get the how – to!

Cobalt blue outfit and accessories

Wear colors or all black. Big (sun) glasses, big hats, don’t let the others see your face! Wear heels and strange shoes. Wear dubious prints together. Wear something for the wrong season (sandals in winter or boots in summer). Wear one of the season’s key elements, in short wear something shocking.

If you’re attending the Fashion Week shows: watch your attitude! Phone to your ear, walk fast with an invitation in your hand; wave for a taxi like you were dancing, arrange for the taxi driver to stop on the other side of the street, don’t arrive in the same time as a prominent fashfigure (or, on the contrary, stick to them, so you’ll be in the picture too). Also if nothing seems to work, you can bring a handful of friends with big cameras trying to snap your picture while you’re playing hard to get. Others will soon arrive like bees thriving for honey.

Now if you got yourself snapped, it’s time to pretend: pretend you don’t know English (or any other international language); pretend you’re wearing vintage even if it’s H & M and pretend you don’t want to see the photo! All set? now go out and get yourself photographed! (and if you’re looking for more details on the above mentioned how – to, check out Garange’s blog here)

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