Vidal Sassoon’s Home

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I’m on a nesting spree lately and, like many others, take the paper crafting trend very seriously. The trouble with paper crafting is, that you cannot use paper as furniture. Or architectural detailing. You can only use paper crafting for accents. Stylish, funny and personalized accessories in your living space.

Whenever I see something inspirational, I rush in and publish all the details that caught my eye. And in Vidal Sassoon’s house there are so many! Click through to convince yourself!

Vidal Sasson house

The stone steps across the water? They’re so lovely, especially since they carry on, in the same format, in the grass. The amazing tree they kept and built the house around? It’s fairy tale – ish! Combining that natural grace with a ginormous silver ball forms and magical landscape – I bet you feel just like Alice, teeny tiny in that interior garden!

Vidal Sasson house interior

Keeping the colors to a minimum is always effective, and more – it’s warm since it’s all centered on honey-like shades. The stone bathtub? So natural, so simple and so beautiful! How often do you redecorate your house? And how deep does it go? You change it all? You change just an object, you change its destination? Do you even do it at all? (would it be spring? Pushing me to renew and repurpose in and around the house? Hmmmm) (if you’re interested in more about the Vidal Sassoon residence, you can read the article here)

Vidal Sasson house artwork

Vidal Sasson house bathroom

Vidal Sasson house 1 Vidal Sasson house 2 Vidal Sasson house 3

Vidal Sasson house 4 Vidal Sasson house 5

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#1 ajgingerbelle on 03.18.11 at 6:55 am

Love the view, love, love the tree, love the light and the amount of room but it doesn’t look cosy, doesn’t look inviting to cuddle up there. But it doesn’t look like people actually LIVE there………

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