The New Jeans Trend

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With the Fashion Week on a roll, there come the fashion wonders too. Dressed like “n’importe quoi”, the fashion people swear on style and class when in fact they’re wearing mixed and little matched items, hoping their quirkiness will find understanding and appreciation beyond their very own sense of wardrobe.

While I have endless respect for the true fashion people who really are stylish and creatively choose their outfits with amazing inspiration and sartorial sense, I cannot understand those who praise strangeness and label it as fashion. Or style. Or class. And this glorious pair of jeans is one of those trends that should be hammered and banished into the Unstylish Abyss. Instead there it goes, out for everyone to see! But that’s my perspective, do cast your vote after the image! (photo via)

the new jeans trend

The New Jeans Trend?

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