Most Unusual Wedding Cake: Life Size Bride Cake

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We’ve seen some pretty amazing stuff here over the years. And I hope it won’t stop here! Though I admit, this is a serious peak in the amazingness chain!

A wedding cake made to look just like the bride? Life size? That’s way beyond the cake wedding dress or the cupcake wedding dress! It’s way beyond the strange wedding dresses collection! It’s something maybe only Mariah could do! However, congrats to the happy couple, we’re ecstatic for them and the courage they had! But you know what the most amazing thing is? no, not the dress but the fact that the very bride looks unhappy while looking at herself in a cake shape! Why would that be? (via)

Lifesize bride wedding cake


#1 Ellington on 03.28.11 at 7:52 am

That is just way creepy! :P

#2 ajingerbelle on 03.29.11 at 12:56 pm

OMG the groom looks happier: he’s gonna eat her ‘alive’! LOL!

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