Models Take The Subway. Lindsey Calla

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Most of us are so taken by our daily routine or maybe we just have too much on our minds to lift our heads up an look around. But what you don’t know, is that every now and then, something surprising can happen next to you. All you have to do is pay attention to the world around you!

Did you know that models ride the subway just like the rest of us? Here’s Lindsey Calla to show you just how glamorous a subway ride can be!

Also – I love her outfit! It’s casual enough to make it through the city and accessorized in just the right measure to not make it look overbuys or too pretentious. However, when that jacket comes off? It’s mind blowing! Keep that in mind for your next outfit planning – little accessories but important details go a long way! (photos Altamira)

Lindsey Calla Subway

Gorgeous Black Dress Lindsey Calla Subway

Lindsey Calla Subway 1 Lindsey Calla Subway 2 Lindsey Calla Subway 3

Lindsey Calla Subway 4 Lindsey Calla Subway 5

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