Armani Jeans Vs. Megan Fox’ Thumbs

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We recently watched Transformers (the first one) with the kids. They were impressed. Very much impressed. The mechanics and the pyrotechnic qualities that stand proof to Michael Bay’s directorial aptitudes swept the kids off their feet. However, we had the chance to remember Megan Fox as she looked like in her early years. Maaan, was she different back then!

But that’s something we’ve already been through. The latest, from Megan, is her Armani Jeans and Underwear ad campaigns. And below is an image of her from the 2011 Armani Jeans campaign. Notice anything strange about her? Hint – strange about her thumb? Yes, yes, yes! The Armani people took the time to photoshop her thumb- they replaced it altogether. What’s wrong with you, people? Photoshop her tattoos if you feel like it, but her thumbs?

Also: we were all created equals, even if our thumbs were not! (click the picture for a larger image, Megan Fox with her original thumb) (photos via 1, 2)

Megan Fox Armani jeans ad campaign thumb replaced

Megan Fox thumb

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