Jessica Alba’s Closet. Oprah’s Closet. Eva Longoria’s Closet. How About Yours?

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These days I’m often confronted with the perils of misplacing a garment. While searching for something for my three – month – old baby boy, I ran across few summer items I had missed this summer. Of course, this past summer I also had significant proportions due to my pregnancy, but nevertheless – the dilemma presents itself like this: if I haven’t consciously ranged my closet, how will I know that all my outfit options for the season are therein?

I don’t. Except if I keep everything thoroughly organized and in sight. If you’re looking for a closet makeover, consider something as simple as changing your hangers (replace them with simple wood hangers, all the same, would be a simple move that goes a long way). Then, rework your wardrobe to follow your daily routine, not the other way around.

Jessica Alba closet

And if your closet is just overstuffed with goodies (oh, you lucky ones!), here’s a little inspiration from over stuffed, over sized wardrobes: Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria, Oprah and Christina Aguilera (back in her married peaceful days) can offer you a moment of inspiration.

Eva Longoria closet

Because where can you find proper inspiration for over stuffed wardrobes but those of us who walk the Red Carpet and receive so many freebies they can easily fill an apartment with just clothes and shoes? While Oprah’s closet looks like your regular mall boutique, and Christina’s would definitely give me a serious pink allergy, Eva Longoria and Jessica Alba could provide just the right amount of deco – inspiration you need.

Christina Aguilera closet

How often do you reorganize your closet and what are your main guidelines for keeping a clean, good looking closet? (via)

Oprah closet


#1 Ellington on 02.02.11 at 9:59 pm

The two closets that I would love to peruse would be Oprah’s and Jessica’s. Eva and Christina have never really interested me, as people or as clothes horses.

#2 ajgingerbelle on 02.04.11 at 9:29 am

The main reason to reorganize my wardrobe at times is that I’ve not enough room to stash that many stuff as all these women. I regret some things are missing now but what else can I do?

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