Reed Krakoff Shoes

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Being the second time I feel compelled to write something about Reed Krakoff shoes, I waited no more and headed over to see the work in full.

I’m helplessly bound to smile whenever I see Reed Krakoff shoes. I doubt the original design intention was to spread hilarious opinions about the shoes, but I can’t help it. I saw these sandals below and the first thing that popped in mind was those old school brushes that men used to spread shaving foam on their faces, prior to shaving. Funny sandals. I hope they don’t itch while wearing the funny straps. (click through for more!)

Reed Krakoff catwalk sandals

However, much to my surprise, Reed Krakoff is more than just funny looking shoes! I chose for exemplifications two – three items that definitely caught my heart – I love boots. I’m a boots person. Dresses, boots and sandals. Loads and loads. Can’t seem to find a pump that’ll sweep me off my feet. And seeing Reed Krakoff’s boots and sandals made me think this is a serious label. A label that could win me with no efforts whatsoever.

Reed Krakoff boots

With that thought in mind, looking back to my previous impressions about Reed Krakoff I wonder: how many times have I been wronged into believing something untrue about a subject / item. Though I base my fashjudgement on feelings and intuitions and gout du moment, I’m thinking now that serious fashion can’t exist without a serious approach of commercial fashion. Sure Reed Krakoff sells shearling sandals. But they also sell gorgeous motorcycle – style high boots. And more, I’m sure. The truth is out there… (did it happen to you too? How did you react when you had to admit there was something more to what you originally disliked or ignored? Something you liked?) (Reed Krakoff via)

Reed Krakoff sandals

Reed Krakoff prespring 2011

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#1 Ellington on 01.04.11 at 5:33 pm

Lovely styles, lovely shoes! : )

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