Tom Ford Spring Summer 2011 Womenswear Collection

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When we talked about that thoroughly planned commercial fashion, I forgot to say that it can happen to any level of financial power. It can happen at a H & M level, it can also happen at a catwalk, couture level. And mr Tom Ford is a maniac of commercial fashion. He knows the ups and downs, the risks and juggling with those risks.

Tom Ford spend years planning and researching the need and the trends of the market. Of the womenswear market. Thus he decided it was time for some scandalously dedicated couture.

He so organized his first womenswear collection for the Spring Summer 2011 season in a very closed circle, using the crème of the crème in models and celebrity fashionistas. And because the critics praised him so long and so good, he withheld the collection film until he saw fit. And then he released it. For our greatest pleasure and his unmistakeably commercial success. You even doubt, for a second, that his collection will be a complete sellout? (how does it make you feel, mr Ford’s collection, after seeing this short film? I’m beginning to think Tom Ford is the Chuck Norris of fashion!) (via)


#1 agingerbelle on 01.04.11 at 9:07 am

I felt such a lesser mortal while watching it. It’s nice to see older models and not the silly “horse step angry looking skinny catwalkers parade”. But the “older models” are not realistic too. He tried to captured the old glamour of haute couture. But since we can hardly see the clothes what to think really?
Tom Ford = the Chuck Norris of fashion? I only know what the guy looks like never saw any Chuck movie. Tom looks like he wore the grime of The Planet of the Apes.
What I really think? How pretentious! And argh, it was to be expected of course, but now my love for Karen’s album has been attached too…….:(

#2 Ellington on 01.04.11 at 5:32 pm

I have to say that I love Tom Ford, I find his designs for women lovely but I do think that he is selling his own hype and he believes it!
As for the linking of Tom Ford and Chuck Norris… I do not see it.
Tom Ford is more of a cult than a design house to me.

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