Fur’n Sandals

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It’s a bit like Love and Marriage, Love and Marriage go together like a… That’s what comes to my mind when I look at this photo below: Fur and Sandals, Fur and Sandals. What? Tell me those aren’t funny! By every standard, even fashion standards, I dare you, tell me they’re not funny!

If one thing, they sure are practical – take for instance the blizzard that has caught up with us finally – if that particular weather condition would have surprised your sandals wearing self outside, wouldn’t you have looked for a bit of fur to warm up your toes? I would!

Even a kitty would have been great for the job! Two kitties, one for each of my glamorous sandals! (And I promise you this – no kitty cat would have been harmed in the course of protecting my toes from the cold blizzard! The contrary of what happened to those infeliz animals whose fur now adorn Reed Krakoff sandals. Unless… it’s fake fur. Which brings me back to funny: peta or no peta friendly!) (JackandJil)

Reed Krakoff Fur Sandals

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