Daria Werbowy For Celine Spring Summer 2011 Ad Campaign

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Hello everyone! How was your week up until now? We’re halfway through and my beloved computer is still at the “brick” level (brick, for a laptop, is, as my Amazing Adored Husband taught me, when there’s just the case left, no actual, physical hard disk drive inside. And that, my lovelies, it what happens to my laptop, day in, day out. Yesterday we had mounted everything, it all looked great and felt good – you could have see that in my posting vibe. Today? well, suffice to say I’m back on my Adored Husband’s computer, looking at my laptop and wishing it would get over the brick phase.)

Pretty long introduction. But I wanted to keep you posted with my tech troubles and also to get you in my daydreaming mood. Whether you’re waiting for something or dreaming of hot summer days (I am, I look at my summer dresses all cramped up in the closet waiting to get out).

This ad campaign from the house of Celine starring Daria Werbowy and a skateboard fills just that daydreaming space I was mentioning above. Photographer: Juergen Teller. What are you daydreaming of? (via)

Daria Werbowy Celine Spring Summer 2011 ad campaign

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