The Everly Brothers All I Have To Do Is Dream

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How was your first week from 2011? Do things shape up to what you were hoping, dreaming into? How about your first 2011 weekend?

I can’t wait to hear what you’ve been up to in the new year! For us it’s been pretty interesting, to say the least. Luckily, incidentally, I am the most fortunate woman in the world for I have my Amazing, Adored Husband to help me with everything. As we speak, my computer is on his desk, he’s trying to make it work again… And that’s the last in a series of home – related events that we’ve been attending to this week.

However, here’s to a first great week from 2011! May it grow better and happier on us! I hope you’ll enjoy this evergreen: The Everly Brothers All I Have to Do Is Dream. (more info right after the jump!)

It’s a great tune, soothing and peaceful. We need more of that in challenging times like these (yes, the recent shootings in Arizona don’t help in making the world a safer place, sadly).

All I Have to Do Is Dream was launched in 1958 and was included in famous best songs of all time listings. Ironically, for the song’s tranquil tempo, it was included on a horror movie soundtrack (Nightmare on Elm Street, anyone?) and also on History’s Ice Road Truckers documentaries.

Also – one of my all time favorite bands, REM covered the Everly Brothers. It’s more like prom queen band interpretation, in comparison with the original, but I still love REM so I can’t hold it against them. Can you?

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