Converse Chucks To Say I Do

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There’s nothing like a good Converse piece of news! Take the following image, for instance! Someone out there was bold and crafty enough to pull out these embroidered Converse Chucks for their wedding day!

It’s actually a great idea for a wedding gift (if you can’t make a pair for your own wedding) or any other occasion (baby shower, anniversary .. you know best). I think I just fell in love with these Converse! By far the best pair I’ve seen so far. Simple, yet so filled with emotion and significance! Isn’t this a wonderful idea? (The Story of Kat via)

Embroidered Converse wedding

Embroidered Converse wedding date

Embroidered white Converse wedding

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#1 Ellington on 01.04.11 at 5:20 pm

Very cute! Love it! : )
Converse are the best!

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