Sneakers, The New Louboutins?

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How would you expect a fashion designer to dress? How about a casual looking fashionista? Lastly – how about a millionaire on a casual day out?

Mary Kate Olsen, the well known fashion trendsetter and co designer (with her twin sister, Ashley) of more than just one fashion label (Elizabeth and James, the Row) was surprised enjoying the simple pleasures of walking in sneakers. Yes, Mary Kate Olsen is just like you and me, after all, and 10 plus inches luxurious high heels fade before a pair of comfortable sneakers. Eccentric? Comfy? (I’d forgive and forget if it wasn’t for the rest of the outfit – the ankle long large pants, the baggy sweater and the khaki coat? The Laundromat wasn’t open that day?) (photos via)

Mary Kate Olsen wearing sneakers

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