Intimissimi Recycles Your Old Bra

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If I’ll tell you that your bra can be recycled into construction materials would look differently at your lingerie drawer? There’s a lingerie brand out there – Intimissimi – that thought about turning your old bras into something valuable for our society: soundproof building insulation!

Hardly an imaginable liaison before this piece of news, isn’t it? Well Intimissimi is paying every customer who’s buying a new bra, $4 in exchange for their old one. That happens during a six weeks recycling campaign fronted by Irina Shayk. How does turning your bra into insulating material makes you feel? Good? Strange? (via 1, 2)

Irina Shayk Intimissimi campaign

Intimissimi bra recycling your old bra initiative

Intimissimi bra recycling project

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