Marion Cotillard Is Lady Dior Lady Grey London. The Movie

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Remember when we talked about Lady Dior’s Lady Grey London episode? The last from the Lady Dior saga, also starring Marion Cotillard? We finally have the officially released film by John Cameron Mitchell. Starring not only Marion but also the amazing Ian McKellan and Russell Tovey.

This fourth movie, also the final of the Lady Dior saga is supposed to capture and expose the secrets one little Dior bag can hold. The bag aims at the “most covetable” title with little respect for the competition, ruthlessly crushing any other brand bag by imagining these four short films and bringing them to life with the help of some of today’s most respected directors. (click through to discover a behind the scenes video and another video showcasing the Lady Dior Grey bag)

What makes an iconic bag after all? It’s the bag itself that rises up to a mysterious level of wearability. More than a piece of clothing, the bag can hold so many things. So many secrets and the keys to those secrets. That’s what Dior is trying to project through the Lady Dior saga. Building a mysterious, almost magical woman, an icon, and her faithful bag, a Dior, the movie is touching and fashionable at the same time. And the lack of words emphasizes the mystical, fantastic character of this fourth movie. What a grand finale for a grand campaign! Which episode was your favorite? (Dior via)

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