Lacoste Unconventional Chic Ad Campaign 2011

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Will the new Lacoste 2011 ad campaign be more effective, commercial wise than the last one? And by the last one I am referring, of course, to the well known “Un peu d’air sur Terre” (appx A breath of air on Earth) Lacoste campaign that lasted no less than 10 seasons.

And I’m curious at a commercial level because, for obvious reasons, the new Lacoste Unconventional Chic ad campaign is far more aesthetically impressive than the “air” one. Featuring high class models (Liya Kebede, Anja Rubik, Jon Kortajarena and Noah Mills), the glamorous campaign was photographed by Mert and Marcus. And it’s not just the idea of mixing the couture and the casual, the simplicity of the black and white outfits, it’s the thought that luxury can be broke down with a mere polo tee and still keep a high class fashion note. (besides, Liya and Anja could wear just about anything in my opinion, not just sequins and cotton polo shirts) How do you feel the new Lacoste Unconventional Chic? (via 1, 2)

Liya Kebede Lacoste Unconventional Chic ad campaign 2011

Anja Rubik Lacoste Unconventional Chic ad campaign 2011

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