The Future According To Lacoste

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Since everyone’s getting ahead of fashion presenting shows a year ahead of their time, why not presenting points of view 75 years ahead?

I talked tennis yesterday, I won’t stop now – Lacoste wants to reinvent the game to celebrate 75 years since the brands exists. For the company branded under the saying “Un peu d’air sur terre”, I was expecting something less computerized and more earthly.

Lacoste Future Campaign

If in 75 years tennis will look like that, I’d have no other problem with it but solitude. Nevertheless, if we will look like that tennis player in 75 years from now, we’re in deep trouble because that didn’t had anything human except a physical here and there resemblance. What do you think this campaign was made to prove?

(via fubiz)

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#1 Allan on 05.28.08 at 10:14 pm

I’m mostly worried by the fact that in the future playing tennis will require body armour and 75 years from now people still haven’t moved onto the metric standard.

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