Gear Up! Even Victoria Beckham Started Working Up!

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How’s that possible? I thought she was the only one out there not getting any grueling working out program to stay in shape! I thought Victoria Beckham was a natural!

Well, I may have had my facts a bit blurred by her ever skinny frame since Victoria recently confessed that she’s running (on the treadmill, biensur – you wouldn’t expect to see her Poshness actually hitting the streets wearing jogging clothing and sneakers!). Wait, there’s more! She has a personal trainer at the Santa Monica gym also!

“I run four or five miles every day on the treadmill. For me I like the fact I can get off whenever I want … I’ve also started seeing a trainer at the gym and he’s fantastic. Brutal, but absolutely fantastic.” Oooh! Can’t wait for New Year! My resolutions list will have “working up” on top! Everybody’s doing it, it’s the new it! Isn’t it? (entre nous: if a simple gesture as wearing high heels can make you suffer, than why not going to the gym? How much more painful can it really be?) (via, photos via)

Victoria Beckham leaving gym sweaty without makeup

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