Clothespin Installation For H & M By Normal

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I’ve always been amazed by twisting the normal, ordinary thing into something out of the ordinary, surprising and undoubtedly beautiful (if not by appearance than by the nature of its transformation).

A simple thing, like the clothespin, has been repurposed into a highly artistic installation for the H & M home store in London. The tremendous six months work for the Tender project belongs to Martin Huberman of Normal studio. Five clothespins installations can be admired in the H & M Home Store, amongst which, the store escalator piece is particularly impressive (you can see a picture of it right after the jump). I wonder if they’ve got a Christmas decoration Tender theme in place… Anyone close to the H & M store to share the décor? (via)

Tender clothespin project by Normal for H and M Home

Tender clothespin H M Home

Tender project Normal H M Home

Tender by Normal for H M Home

Tender clothespin project details

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