Youngest Designer. Like Umm Ahmaazing

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Wouldn’t it be like ummm aaahmazing if you could just tell what’s wrong with this girl in the two minutes you’ll be graced with her umm like aaahmaaazing musings?

I bet Karl Lagerfeld and Diane von Fustenberrrrgg, the works of art, would be umm like aaahmazed to find out that 10yo Cecilia Cassini, the world’s youngest designer thinks that every girl should have like umm a dress? Now if you’ll like to check out Cecilia’s designs, you’ll find out that all it takes, basically, to be a prodigy designer, it’s just a couple of bows here and there and loud prints and colors mixed together in a migraine-ish vision. Completely like.. umm.. aaahmaaazing? (Cecilia Cassini via)

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