Lea T’s Lurve Fall Winter 2010 Cover

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Not long back, Lea T made quite a buzz in the fashion world. Because beyond the heavy fashion door, the world outside isn’t all that ready to look on things with the same liberty of thought and complex like our aaahmazing designers love to.

Lea T, also formally known as Leandro Cerezo is a Brazilian born transgender also Ricardo Tisci’s muse and former assistant. Coming out in Givenchy’s ad campaign was, apparently, the beginning for Lea T who is now featured on the cover of the Autumn/Winter 2010 issue of Lurve magazine wearing, what else? Geevenchee! Beyond the pleasing aesthetics of a shallow look at this Lurve cover: are we ready to welcome Lea T as a normal happening in fashion magazines? And more? (via; more about Lea T here)

Lea T Lurve fall winter 2010 cover

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#1 Gingerella on 11.16.10 at 10:14 am

I accept her as a woman. I’ve never had a problem with people who are “different”. She’s a woman to me. If she’s a great model that’s another question. I’m not in awe of this cover either.

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