Beyonce’s Color Riche L’Oreal Lipstick Ad

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Have you noticed how, though with just one album and one tour, Beyonce keeps being relevant music and entertainment worthy? Have you noticed that she’s been all over the news recently? Because she has her tour DVD to promote? And also because she has that Heat perfume ad banned from daytime television in the UK?

Here’s another ad campaign with Queen Bee, this time a print ad for L’Oreal’s Color Riche lipstick. Wonderfully rich, naturally creamy, charmingly shy Beyonce, showing her provocative side. Would they ban this one too? I mean, after all.. she’s wearing red all over again, it’s a short dress… (via)

Beyonce Color Riche L Oreal ad campaign

Beyonce Color Riche L Oreal ad campaign 2010

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