Yamaha Hermes Leather VMax Motorcycle

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I really thought the couture bike was alright. I mean other than the price and the obvious snobbery act of owning a designer bicycle, it could pass on as an environmentalist encouragement from the haute couture ranks.

Now get ready for the next small step for the human kind, but big step for the couture bank accounts: the couture motorcycle! And not just any couture motorcycle: Yamaha and Hermes have co-produced a (concept) V Max motorcycle that’s been presented with a $32,000 price tag (appx). Because the Hermes leather detailing, you see, besides having enhanced the silhouette of the motorcycle, it also underlined “its emotional power”. Wait, what? (via)

Yamaha  Hermes leather VMax

Hermes leather details Yamaha VMax

Yamaha VMax Hermes leather

Yamaha Hermes leather details VMax

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