Original Wedding Ring: Lego Wedding Ring

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I once read a study saying that most grown ups remember the Lego pieces they had when they were children. However, among all those fond, loving Lego memories, there’s something else that prevails and holds a comfortable first position in the memories top: the pain of having stepped on a Lego piece. Have you experienced that? I bet you have! And I also bet the pain you felt hasn’t faded from your memory!

How about a Lego piece you can’t stumble upon? One that you’ll carry forever and ever, till death do you part? Yep, someone thought about making a Lego wedding ring! And even if it doesn’t cross my aesthetics, I have to admit it’s a pretty nifty idea and it would definitely make the delight of the couple’s children. Not to mention the rounds of the Interwebs! How do you like it? (via)

original Lego Wedding Ring

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