Lara Stone’s Vogue Paris October 2010, 90th Anniversary Issue

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As moths go by and fasheditorials ensue, I feel there’s little space left where I go run and hide from Lara Stone and her “iconic” fashlook. She’s the great new find, she’s the greatest thing that happened to fashion magazines since Kate Moss. Now can you please take her out of my face?

It may be just my old fashioned self talking, however, I would have been immensely delighted if Carine Roitfeld would have opted for a more subtle aesthetic when it comes to Lara Stone. Sure, that’s not the way Vogue Paris operates. Especially not for their 90th anniversary issue, October 2010. Oh, no! Let’s make it masque, the world will surely rejoice celebrating the excess we’re pretending to live on! (more images right after the jump!)

Lara Stone Vogue Paris October 2010 cover

I’m certainly not a fan of Anna Wintour’s celebs make the world go round, even the fashworld too! Almost at the opposite end, however, is Carine with her Paris excess team. She seems to be glamorizing intimacy as a fashionable perspective. More so if she’s adding something offbeat and taboo-esque to it. And now, with Lara Stone, all of Carine’s decadence dreams came true. Using Mert and Marcus for a combed-through aesthetic feels logical enough since you can’t really go out with a raw cover for such a big anniversary issue. You have to have a visionary approach, something to distinguish your fashion magazine from some kind of escort service catalog. So remember, when you’re in Paris: long live excess! Ready to embrace the new Paris fashphilosophy? (photos via)

Lara Stone Vogue Paris October 2010

Lara Stone Vogue Paris October 2010 Bal Masque

Crystal Renn Vogue Paris October 2010 Bal Masque

Vogue Paris October 2010 90th anniversary Bal Masque


#1 mdinah on 10.05.10 at 4:54 am

kpriss, so wait untill you see the cover of Oct. Vogue Uk….
I quite liked the french one.

#2 mdinah on 10.05.10 at 4:55 am

sorry, i meant Vogue UK NOVEMBER …

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