Dare To Wear The Lapicitos Necklaces?

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Haven’t you always wondered what to do with those white pencils? You know, the ones that come in the colored pencils sets? White is not even a color, to start with, that justifies placing a white crayon in a colored pencils stash. Then you usually use crayons (any kind) to leave marks on white paper. Why would you use a white crayon on white paper? Sure, I confess, I am limited by my experience with blank as in white paper. What kind of paper one needs for white pencils to actually be useful?

So I have this plastic container with colored crayons sets. Many. Regardless of the usage stage of any set, each and every colored crayons set has an untouched crayon in: the white one. The Grand White one. What do to with those? Here’s the perfect answer, from Etsy’s Corazon De Galleta: White Lapicitos necklace! Isn’t this a wonderful, wonderful idea? Not to mention the wonderful, wonderful looks of the finished necklace? Click through to discover more beauties from Ari (Corazon de galleta)!

White Lapicitos Necklace

Colored pencils necklace

Colored Lapicitos necklace

Mushroom rings

Colored Lapicitos necklace 2

Colored Lapicitos necklace 3

Colored Lapicitos necklace 4

Colored Lapicitos necklace 5

White Lapicitos Necklace

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