Christian Audigier’s Home

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Aren’t you happy when there’s a new celeb house on the market? That’s how we all get to actually see how they’re living and where they’re spending the few hours they actually inhabit their homes and not some hotel room in some fancy city, some fancy country.

Today it’s Christian Audigier’s nest that’ll be under our scrutiny. Because it’s for sale. For a modest, though undoubtedly fair, $8,299,000 price tag. What you may find impressive, on the other hand, besides the price (Christian Audigier bought the house in Juanuary 2007 for just $4,780,000 – so you see, the Audigier touch just double the mansion’s value), it’s the look of the mansion! Click through to see more images!

Christian Audigier home

The 1920 Mediterranean mansion from the adjacent area of Los Angeles’ Hancock Park measures 8,276 square feet in 7 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, 4 – car garage (the house comes with a Rolls Royce Phantom 5). However, the most important thing isn’t quite listed on the official presentation: the house is Audigier- fashion – safe! There was no visible Ed Hardy-ish addition made to the luxurious residence and, if you do choose to put down $8 million and some change for this house, you won’t inherit the tacky spirit of its current owner! That’s what happens when others do the job for you – I’m certain mr Christian Audigier was too busy putting in inspiration and work hours for the decoration of this house so he just trusted that to specialists. Who didn’t outraged themselves and the others by using key elements from the Audigier fashverse into the house. Thank you, a warm and well merited thank you, for not having hurt our eyes! (Realestalker via)

Christian Audigier Los Angeles home

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