Vogue Paris September 2010 Supplements Enfants And Beaute

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Did you know that Vogue Paris had a Children Supplement Edition? I didn’t! If you’re aware of any related details, please share, I find it most interesting!

Not just because I’m a mother myself, but because it has so many implications. Look at the Beauty Supplement – who’s raising eyebrows when reading its Malgosia Bela cover announcing that the contents revolve around hair and how to style your hair for the fall? In exchange, when you’re looking at the Enfants Supplement you’re feeling itchy for more! You want to see what’s inside! Because children are fun, children are the future! (hit the jump to see larger images!)

Vogue Paris September supplements

In the measure of the existing possibilities (provided by the oh – so – valuable tFS and its passionate members), I hope to bring some more material from the September Supplements of Vogue Paris. I’m even curious what they’ve made up for the hair beauty issue, to tell you the truth!

Vogue Paris September Beaute supplement

Vogue Paris September Enfants supplement


#1 Adriana on 08.23.10 at 7:49 am

How long does this Vogue pour les enfants exist? I see lots of Tavi’s coming up to be honest.
Kpriss, I bet your enfants look very good without this Vogue but I understand fully you love it. :)

#2 Adriana on 08.23.10 at 7:50 am

I’m into the countdown by the way…..;)

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