Converse Sneakers Collaborates With Black Sabbath Again

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What ties Ozzy Osbourne to basketball? A pair of Converse sneakers, of course! Mark your calendars for this is the year when Converse is selling an epic edition of All Stars sneakers: Black Sabbath Converse!

When I think of Black Sabbath, the image of Ozzy Osbourne, the high-heeled Prince of Darkness pops in my mind! I actually had troubles relating that to the flat soled sneakers… But did you know that this is the second collaboration between the Nike-owned footwear company and the legendary heavy metal band Black Sabbath?

Converse Black Sabbath sneakers collection 2014

Converse Black Sabbath sneakers first collection 2008

Converse already collaborated with Black Sabbath on a sneakers collection in 2008

Converse released an All Stars Converse Black Sabbath sneakers in 2008 with styles inspired by ‘The Masters of Reality’ , ‘We Sold Our Soul for Rock N’ Roll’. Apparently they were such great sellouts that they worked on another collection together to launch in 2014. This time they offer 2 more models, although one is a reissue – the one inspired by Black Sabbath Vol 4. Album.

Converse Ozzy Osbourne special edition sneakers

in 2009, Converse released a special collaboration sneaker model inspired/designed by Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne actually had his own Converse sneakers designed after his heart in 2009. A more edgy take on the classic canvas All Stars, with multiple leather buckles for a straight jacket look. This is something more suited for Ozzy and his troubled image.

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Back to the new Converse Black Sabbath collection which is comprised of five sneakers models, each with its own unique progressive rock personality. Black and Ozzy-era imprints are visible on the sides of the Chuck Taylor All Stars sneakers. Covers of Black Sabbath albums from the 70es were transferred on the sneakers canvas and they could be yours for the usual Converse price ($60 or $70, depending of the model).

Black Sabbath original members wearing Converse

Ozzy Osbourne (left) and Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward (right) who was wearing Converse sneakers

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Black Sabbath

with artwork from the Black Sabbath’s first self-titled album. Photographed by Keith MacMillan, the Mapledurham Watermill from Oxfordshire (England) in the backdrop is just as interesting as the mysterious woman dressed in black, allegedly named Louise. Not much is known about her, but her haunting appearance sure fits the dark heavy metal profile of the band!

Converse Black Sabbath sneakers Black Sabbath album cover

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Paranoid

just like the name suggests it, this pair is a tribute to the English band’s second studio album, Paranoid (1970). With a cover picture also taken by Keith MacMillan, showing a man with a sword, next to a tree. The exact image is reproduced on the sneakers side panels, just like the first album artwork.

Converse Black Sabbath sneakers Paranoid album cover

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Band

with artwork from the album ‘Never Say Die!’, the band’s last studio album (1978). Originally signed by Hipgnosis & Storm Thorgerson, the photo from the album cover isn’t printed on the sneakers canvas like the first album’s art. Instead we get the stitched logo from the cover and inside lining with black and white pictures of the original Black Sabbath members.

Converse Black Sabbath sneakers Never Say Die album cover

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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Pro Skate Vol. 4

this album officially has two Converse sneakers inspired by its artwork. Whether in hi-top or low-top, this model is only available through skate retailers.

Converse Black Sabbath sneakers No 4 album cover

Converse Black Sabbath Sneakers Vol 4Converse Black Sabbath Sneakers Vol 4

This new collection is occasioned by the North American & Canadian leg of the new Black Sabbath World Tour which is set to change continents after the Hollywood Bowl concert on April 26th. On June 1st, Black Sabbath has a concert in Moscow, Russia after which they’ll be touring through Europe with a final stop on June 29th in Dessel, Belgium at the Graspop Metal Meeting. Be sure to bring your Black Sabbath Converse with you!

Converse Black Sabbath sneakers details

Converse Black Sabbath inside

Converse Black Sabbath Chuck Taylor sneakers collection

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#1 Marc on 06.26.14 at 9:04 pm

Cool shoes indeed. The next wave comes now in July when the new Converse Black Sabbath collection comes out…Ozzy gets his own shoes and they look great!

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