Magic Wedding Moment: Coco And James

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Have you figured out already what a sucker for weddings I really am? If I haven’t had you convinced yet, then this is just another reason to set the records straight: give me a wedding setting, show me a wedding celebration and I’ll break down in tears, overwhelmed by the magic and the emotion of that special moment. That’s the kind of tough gal I am.

Anyways, what I was trying to do here, was a really really long intro to a great video (actually two videos, but I’ll be counting on you seeing the teaser, at least – it’s noticeably shorter than the long film which you can watch right after the jump – I do advise you to keep it and watch it later on even if you’re not doing it now – it’s a wonderful voyage through the making of of a wedding). Ladies and Gents, please enjoy Coco Rocha and Jameswedding!

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