Vanessa Paradis Does Marie Claire UK August 2010

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I have a declared weakness for Vanessa Paradis, as you know. However, her last Marie Claire UK interview is pretty strange for my liking.

She’s gracing the August 2010 issue with images and words of wisdom about her (surprisingly personal subject) relationship with Johnny Depp. Besides having a deep respect for him on every level, Vanessa thinks that couples need time off to be able to maintain a sound, safe relationship. (the story continues right after the jump with more images!)

Vanessa Paradis Marie Claire UK August 2010 cover

Sure, she’s talking about her style (naming it her “Im, poss, ible” three-words style), about her adolescence in the spotlight, however, the most notable thing in Vanessa‘s interview is detailing her relationship with Johnny Depp. Would you share her Marie Claire views?

You’re really lucky if you find someone you can trust when you spend time apart. But it’s more complicated than that. Keeping love alive should be like the way you live your life: you don’t eat the same meal every day, you don’t read the same book, you don’t listen to the same CD. When you are a couple, you need to go off alone and discover things for yourself.

Vanessa Paradis Marie Claire August 2010 cover

Vanessa Paradis Marie Claire UK August 2010

Vanessa Paradis Marie Claire August 10


#1 Adriana on 07.08.10 at 6:07 am

Not her best shoot. I like what she says though. That’s so very true.

#2 mdinah on 07.08.10 at 5:18 pm

where is her neck???? Vanessa,,elongate!!! elongate your neck!!!

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