How To Apply Your Eyeliner The New Trends

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We talked about goth and rock’n’roll chic being the big fall retour of our style references. Now I know about the hair. I can suspect the clothing goes from dark to dark-er and if you’re really a fashionista, you’ll have a completely dark-ish wardrobe.

But do you know how to put on your makeup before taking that dark-ish attitude out to town? Eh? Got you there, didn’t I? Well let’s take it one step at the time: you’re at your home, comfy and ready to go out with your dark clothes, slick hair and darkittude. Your faithful blacker than hell eyeliner in one hand, looking fierce back at you from the mirror is… your makeupless self. Ready? Hit the jump to find out how it’s really done!

The New Eyeliner trend

Now you know you have to be extra careful when you play with that black eyeliner, don’t you? You have to trace a fine, fine line on your upper lid, the closest possible to the eyelashes? Yeah, well, forget all that! Trace one think line as faithful as possible to the natural eye form, then elongate it, yep. Both ends. Towards the nose and up on the temple. How hard can it be? Draw a flash if it fancies your darkittude! Anything goes! The twister, the darker, the better!

The New Eyeliner must

It’s not all done just yet! Forget that eyebrow crayon you’re usually using just to make up for all those shape flaws (and the transparent mascara for the finishing) – toss’em away if it pleases your new darkittude. It’s time for something bigger, stronger, goth-ier! That blacker than hell eyeliner we were talking about earlier? Yeah, take it and draw a parallel to the earlier drew line. (well, you’re not taking any geometry test, knock yourself out, be creative! Make your own definition for parallel!) Want to double up on that flash thing? Do it! Want to draw a star? Two… three? Do it! Want to throw some makeup while you’re at it? Do that too! Just remember when someone asks you what does it all mean answer with a grin. The fiercer, the darker, the better! (Don’t worry, it’s only Tuesday, you still have time to practice till Friday or Saturday!)

Eyeliner eye makeup

Done? One last glance in the mirror? Yeaah, that’s it, baby! You’re all set! Take the dark way out, unleash your inner darkittude. All the way! (what, it’s a story about eyeliner? Umm… have to go see what the kids are up to.. see ya soon! Love ya!) (photos via)

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