Couture Furniture. Biensur!

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From all things bourgeois and dandy, I’d like you to take a look at some fine furniture today! It’s totally worth the gaze!

Sarah Louise Dix Couture Upholstery is a brand specialized in designing and producing vintage-y modern furniture inspired by clothing pieces. It’s a guilty pleasure of the rich and bored… ahem art passionate. With included elements such as corsetry or even entire incorporated garments, Sarah Louise Dix Couture Upholstery comes to the rescue of those sartorially challenged by the every aspect of their life. By bringing their passion to life. Let’s take a look!

Sarah Louise Dix Couture corset chair

Sarah Louise Dix Couture corset chair details

The Corset Chair is a Victorian triumph over both furniture and clothing for this Victorian style corset looks adorable.

Sarah Louise Dix Couture ball gown chair

The Couture Ball Gown Chair, though it may look like an ordinary armchair, its back reveals a functioning zip, opening to a silk lining with diamante trim. The details make the difference.

Sarah Louise Dix Couture ball coat chair

The Woolcoat Armchair is really covered with a wool flannel by Abraham Moon made to look as it morphed with the chair. The Bow dining chair was influenced by lingerie designs with its peach damask top, the broderie anglaise covering and the large black sating bow. As for the Man’s Jacket Chair, not only it’s covered with a honey vintage man’s leather jacket with stud details but it also includes iPod earphones. How can you resist to such modern guilty couture pleasure? (via)

Sarah Louise Dix Couture bow chair

Sarah Louise Dix Couture leather coat chair

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