Shakira Designed Collection For Mango

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Teaming up with Unicef and Mango, Shakira launched a special T-Shirts collection for the giant fashretailer. The special edition is designed around the 2010 World Cup theme and will benefit Shakira’s Barefoot Foundation, helping to provide education for South African children.

Everybody tries to make the best of this World Cup event. If I don’t expect the Vuitton case to show up anytime soon on a store near you, I do expect the new Mango tees flooding the streets. Especially in the concerned countries. Waka Waka This time for Africa are also the chorus lines of Shakira’s World Cup hymn. Pretty wild for my taste. What say you? (photos via)

Shakira Mango Collection

Shakira Mango Waka Waka Collection

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#1 Adriana on 06.10.10 at 6:37 am

I love the initiative and I love what Shakira is doing for years with her foundation. So don’t get me wrong when I say that all the money spent to build the stadiums, the costs of the huge security doesn’t help the poor Afrikaners at all.
Because how enthusiast I can be with WC and EC Football (Soccer) this time it taste kinda bitter sweet.

Ah, I’m gonna watch the opening ceremony tomorrow. There will be African artists too. As it should be. But I also love to see especially John Legend!!

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