Louis Vuitton And FIFA’s World Cup

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Doesn’t it feel like a Harry Potter movie? “Louis Vuitton and the World Cup” “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”. It does so to me. Now you know how much I know and how deep I feel the (soccer) World Cup (or almost any other sport. I think I was born without the sports chromosome).

Convinced that this event will pass me by like a bad dream, I was determined to let it go. Our dear friend, Adriana, however, talked me into taking it. Whenever I see her passionate about something, I get the same bug (well, almost). So The FIFA World Cup is on in less than a week and it’ll go on for a month, all that in South Africa. It’s surely quite an event, beyond the sports world. Louis Vuitton knows that for they offered a special case to the FIFA (International Federation of Association Football). Don’t miss details of the special World Cup Case by Louis Vuitton right after the jump!

FIFA Golden World Cup Louis Vuitton case

The winner of the football (soccer) World Cup will get the trophy – made of 18carats gold, it’s a massive statue requiring special attention. Louis Vuitton will provide just that for the golden trophy! The Monogram canvas case was entirely handmade in more than 100 hours.

Making of World Football Cup trophy Louis Vuitton case

Imagine the genius behind this marketing move from Louis Vuitton: football players (and their families) represent a constant market for luxury items, especially the brand kind. Labels, monograms, distinctive signs of luxury they can display carelessly to the world. By offering a special LV case to the FIFA for the World Cup trophy, Louis Vuitton made sure their place will also be special in the hearts of all football players and their teams/families. Go Vuitton!

Making of World Football Cup trophy case LV

FIFA Golden World Cup Louis Vuitton case label

And something special for our dear friend, Adriana: the Dutch football federation T Shirt for this World Cup edition! Pretty funny, Adriana! Your country really is into football! I hope you go home with a special prize, at least for the tees if not the Vuitton case! (via ilvoelv facebook, dyt)

Dutch Football Federation 2010 World Cup tee

Making of World Football Cup Trophy LV case 1 Making of World Football Cup Trophy LV case 2 Making of World Football Cup Trophy LV case 3


#1 Adriana on 06.07.10 at 6:53 am

Oh LOL, you did it!! It had to be mentioned: even the WC Football trophy in LV! I couldn’t believe my eyes. It’s such a smart PR move as you said. And since we talk almost everything LV here we couldn’t left this one out and certainly not when Naomi carried the trophy so careful. Right?

OMG! LOL, luckily you didn’t show the real madness. It’s more insane than you think. :D Pfff…I wonder though how orange the the stadiums will be this year.
Ah well, it’s a nice distraction every two year these WC or EC championships and we never have been WC champion. Always the same countries…grrrrrr…but we never ever give up our hopes. Every victory is big party time and when we’re out we cry together and are all of a sudden very, very quiet and the orange. :)

#2 Ellington on 06.08.10 at 9:41 am

I myself am looking forward to the World Cup! It is a great event to watch as football is played all over the world and is one sport that we can all share in. :)
The case by LV is beautifully made and the trophy is stunning.
This should be good fun! :)

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