Lindstrom And Christabelle Lovesick

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Every now and then, I jump off the pattern of movie/Friday breaks. And then I bring you some new, persistent musical obsession I’m experiencing. Because I want to share so much with you!

This week it’s Lindstrom and Christabelle with an amazing piece called Lovesick. It’s their first album and Lovesick it’s mighty powerful, please experience it and tell me what you think! Thank you for this amazing week and your wonderful comments! I trust you had a wonderful week end and you’re now ready to rock and roll the new week! (more info right after the jump! I initially included the original video of this song. However, given that it was removed by the user, the video wasn’t available anymore. I had to opt for a still image as video instead of leaving it out altogether. I hope you’ll still enjoy the music, though!)

Now if you ask me, between this and last week’s You can leave your hat on, there’s hardly any difference. Different generations, almost entirely different musical perspective, and still, what a sensual rhythm and what a powerful line!

Now let’s see who made this beautiful tune: a Norwegian duo Hans-Peter Lindstrom and Christabelle. Lovesick is part of their first album (2010) Real Life Is No Cool. Worldwide critics applauded this new pop electro sensation and few golden tracks have already made it to the charts (Where You Go I Go Too and Lovesick).

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#1 Adriana on 06.30.10 at 7:40 am

For a few days my eyes are not terrorised by the vuvuzela although I’ve adjust to it. What else? And the lovely buzz of the Glastonbury Festival (tv coverage which I watched and danced to for hours) is out of my ear I found the time and patience to listen to this great piece of summery music. Fits so well with the heat. Great music and indeed a very powerful line!! Thanks for introducing me to their music. I’d never heard of them before. It’s always a pleasure to find new great music. :)

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