Ready For The $45 Birkin Shopping Bag

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Because ready or not, here it goes: the $45 Hermes Birkin look-alike canvas tote! Reminds me of the Real Perfect Vuitton we talked about a while back.

I sure hope Hermes won’t stick their label lawyers into this great, funny and amazing deal and we’ll all have the chance (sooner or later) to bring our tomatoes home in a Hermes Birkin. Canvas shopping bag! Maaaan, I love this! Can someone get Taipei on the phone? It seems that’s where the goodies are made! Wouldn’t you want one? Two? Ten? (via bagsnob)

Hermes Birkin canvas shopping totes

Hermes Birkin canvas pink shopping tote


#1 Ellington on 06.24.10 at 6:04 pm

It is cute and I like it! But I still want a really one! ;)

#2 joyce on 11.30.10 at 9:25 am


where we can buy it? cant find it online.

please adv


#3 mcrummer on 01.23.11 at 3:05 pm

Where can I buy one? In NYC?

#4 ms.lex on 03.14.11 at 2:56 am

Hey guys you can grab one at Banana Taipei! Just copy it into google and away you go!!

#5 lamees on 04.28.11 at 11:08 am

how can i buy the hermes canvas bag as i live in kuwait

#6 sayes on 09.20.11 at 3:08 am


i would like to buy this bag and i would like to ask from where to buy it, how much, and the timeline for delivery.

please advise

#7 P de Jong on 12.10.11 at 5:05 pm

Where I can buy the Birkins canvas bag

#8 Johanna on 01.03.22 at 4:07 pm

If I remember right I got mine for below that price though my just fab subscription years ago. Mine does ha e bumpy red leather with and animal print satin inside

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