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The CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) Fashion Awards 2010 is upon us. Next Monday there’ll be fashion and there’ll be awards. And hopefully we’ll taste a part of the fun and the exclusiveness even from the outside.

The annual journal that was put together for the occasion features the nominated designers was photographed by Solve Sundsbo (styled by Lori Goldstein. Now that we know the shadows sometimes are more important and far more real than the actual projected images, I’ll try to give as much credit as possible to the stylists). The designers featured within? Donna Karan, Alexander Wang, Prabal Gurung, Joseph Altuzzara and Jason Wu to name just a few. Marc Jacobs was also nominated but unable to attend the shoot so instead of his (hopefully) clothed persona, we were graced with a handful of models wearing masks in Marc Jacobs image. (click through to discover more details and more images!)

CFDA Fashion Awards 2010 Alexander Wang

CFDA Fashion Awards 2010 journal Marc Jacobs

If we’re to believe the rumors, Tom Ford, also part of the CFDA journal was photographed in a room full of mirrors. With his reflection, biensur. There’s hardly an ego bigger than Tom’s in the fashion business, so well done CFDA! Now you should know that the Council counts around 115 members, all of them with more-than-relevant contributions to the fashion industry.

CFDA Fashion Awards 2010 journal Donna Karan

CFDA Fashion Awards 2010 journal Prabal Gurung

If Heidi Klum has a book, it’s only natural that the CFDA members also get featured in much more than just the CFDA annual’s journal. Assouline and the council worked on a special book available starting September: “American Fashion Designers at Home”. After seeing what Zac Posen can do to an apartment, I now feel in doubt about this book. However, not many designers dare take their fashion abilities and apply them in their homes. Maybe they don’t have the time, maybe they don’t have the connection (with the space) or the peace of mind to do the interior decoration themselves. So they do that with the help of professionals (quelle surprise!).

CFDA Fashion Awards 2010 journal Altuzzara Wu

However, we may not get the chance to find specifications of who’s doing whose house. Let’s see what we know already: Lela Rose’s TriBeCa apartment was reworked by a team of architects and professionals (amongst them the honorable Rem Koolhaas). Also some renovations and adaptations took a bit longer than we’d expect from the people of fashion, people with resources: Vanessa Noel needed seven years to complete her house project and Kate and Andy Spade took three years; next is Jenna Lyons (from J. Crew) with two years.

American Fashion Designers at Home

I’m sure many secrets hide between the pages of Assouline’s American Fashion Designers at Home, a daring project by Rima Suqi. I’m such a sucker for interior decoration and architecture books, I’d love to have this one! Wouldn’t you? (via 1, 2, 3)

American Fashion Designers at Home CFDA

American Fashion Designers at Home book CFDA

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