Zac Posen Interior Designer Work For NYC Duplex

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First I’d like to warn you about my tastes in interior design and home decoration: I strongly, without reserves, wholeheartedly embrace, love and long for warm, cozy, comfy homes and interior decorations. I’m a country hippie (with heavy childproof-house influences) if I must describe my home-style in short. Now let’s get on with the story…

Zac Posen’s designers ventures had brought him to threshold the fashion industry into the home decoration field. Which isn’t such a bad venture, judging by the sound of it. He has been contracted for some serious interior design in the 16 West 21st Street luxury residence building from NYC, the Flatiron District. His model apartment is now ready for show, are you ready for a special tour? (click though to discover Zac Posen, the interior decorator)

Zac Posen designed interior duplex NYC

Once again, let’s enumerate specifically what Zac Posen was contracted to do: the model apartment, kitchens, bathrooms, fixtures, finishes. He was also overseeing the gym and lobby. Now let’s take a closer look at the model apartment in question!

Zac Posen designed interior duplex NYC wallpaper

All the precious details such as the hand-stenciled wallpapers, the padded velvet stair rails, the zebra marble bathroom floors and so on weren’t enough to satisfy the artistic interior designer ego of our beloved Zac Posen. Oh, no! He even designed custom furniture pieces for the occasion and framed a portrait of his divine persona which he hung just above the purple velvet master suite bed (photos of our much appreciated Terry Richardson and Olivier Zahm are also spread all around the duplex).

Zac Posen designed interior duplex NYC bathroom

Zac Posen designed interior duplex NYC purple master bed

Now that you know so much, ladies and gents, please enjoy some Zac Posen reading! It’s worth every second (it’s a glimpse from an interview regarding the above interior job):

Will you be designing buyers’ apartments for them?
ZP: No, not unless they are really wealthy. I have very expensive taste.
What elements of designing fashion are applicable to interior design? In other words, what makes you qualified for the job?
ZP: I was born qualified, I consider myself an aesthete.

Now getting back to my vision on Zac Posen’s interior designer qualifications: I truly believe that if ever Scarlett O’Hara had the incredible luck of knowing Mr. Zac Posen’s work at the time, Tara would have had an entirely different look. Bonus the Richardson & Zahm photo-masterpieces… That… and I really miss the Kaiser’s wisdom-y approach. What say you? (the Fashion Informer via Domicidal Maniac)

Zac Posen designed interior duplex NYC bedroom

Zac Posen designed interior duplex NYC living room


#1 mdinah on 06.02.10 at 4:51 pm

it looks like a bordello…

#2 Adriana on 06.03.10 at 6:28 am

Sometimes I consider myself happy for being NOT rich!

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