Natalia Vodianova Introducing (Bugaboo)RED

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So many (red) products out there, how would you hear about them if they weren’t highlighted by someone famous? It they weren’t presented in some catchy manner?

Natalia Vodianova’s latest ad honors the (red) cause by lending her face (and body) for a special Bugaboo campaign. Bugaboo joined the (red) initiative raising money for Global Fund (aiming to eliminate AIDS in Africa) last year. They’ll donate 1% of all Bugaboo’s revenue for the (red)cause besides coming up with a special (red)collection: denim (red) strollers, baby (red)bags and (red)iPhone holders. (the story continues with more images right after the jump!)

Natalia Vodianova Bugaboo RED

Bugaboo RED ad campaign

I know you always dreamed of having a $25 iPhone holder connected to your $1,000 stroller! You don’t have to be shy no, come forth and admit to this fashion (red)crime! ( I don’t mean to be buggy, but every time I get around something from (RED), I get the disturbing feeling that charity is meant for some people only – why not make a $300 (red)maclaren stroller instead of a costly fancy Bugaboo, for instance? and no, don’t tell me that 1% out of $300 is not the same as 1% out of $1,000! Common economy rules will tell you that it’s not in the selling price, it’s in the sales volume! I have honest reasons to believe MacLaren sells more strollers than fancy Bugaboo!) (via)

Bugaboo RED collection

Bugaboo RED iPhone holder

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#1 Shimana on 05.13.10 at 4:12 pm

well, it makes people buy.

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