Fashion People, Pretentious People

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There’s much about fashion and everything around it making me cringe and hope for better days. I’m not the only one, it seems… RuPaul recently explained why she/he doesn’t do Fashion Week. How about you?

“I cannot stand the people. I think the fashion people are so nasty and so pretentious. One thing that I am not is pretentious and I cannot stand pretentious people. I love fashion, love color, love texture, love all of that. But all of the people who surround that are rot-ten.” (via, photo via)

Ru Paul Drag Race


#1 Ellington on 02.03.10 at 9:03 am

Rupaul is most likely right on the money with that statement.
His Barack and Michelle photo is rather nifty.

#2 Adriana on 02.03.10 at 9:36 am

LOL, I can’t even attend a Amsterdam Fashion Week! It’s only for the “pretentious crowd”. Not a lesser mortal like me. Pfff….plus I wonder if I want to be there at all….brrrr….
I love that photo. :)

#3 Rocky on 10.09.11 at 7:58 pm

Unless someone’s behavior and tastes negatively impact you, what does it matter?

I hate pretentiousness and the fan-waving Karl Lagerfeld circus like stupidity but, really, if I’m happy in my life what the hell do I care what a bunch of self-indulgent rich snobs are doing in New York, London, or Paris?

If their pretentiousness has an impact on me to the point that it angers me then perhaps the problem is with me and not them.

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