Dakota Fanning, Gabourey Sidibe Cover V Magazine’s Size Issue, January 2010

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With such an ambitious purpose in mind, the print has to be spectacular. So V Magazine’s editors brought in the uber famous photographers and the uber curviest models. And then put them all together, side by side, page by page, size by size.

Who even cares about the cover? V #63, the January-February 2010 issue, has a double cover: Dakota Fanning and Gabourey Sidibe, both in black and white but what’s really interesting is on the inside! (the story continues right after the jump with more images. Don’t miss the gallery with images from V #63 pictorials and the behind the scenes video!)

Dakota Fanning Gabourey Sidibe V January 2010 cover

V Magazine January 2010 Size Issue

While the size issue is pretty thrown in your face and the violent obviousness of it all makes it a bit hard to digest, it suits the one-issue-matter they’re trying to feed us with. It’s screamingly alarming that we need a special issue for the plus-size fashion like we’d make special issues for the snow season. It’s a reality and those who try to look above it ignore the ways of life/nature in full conscience. Inez and Vinoodh’s shot of Candice Huffine, Marquita pring, Michelle Olson, Tara Lynn and Kasia P. is by far the most 80s, diva-ish of the issue. It also lacks the glam and the comfort of a real model shooting to my taste.

V Magazine January 2010 Size Issue Curves Ahead

V Magazine January 2010 Curves Ahead

V Magazine January 2010 Size Issue Gucci Swimsuit

V Magazine January 2010 Size Issue 63

Also a special note to Chanel a GoGo with Dirty Martini, the Chanel filled pictorial. Karl Lagerfeld allowed such a scandalous association of plus-size women and Chanel? He must have been asleep when he gave the green light for that! Happy he did, though, the photos fit Coco’s panache for scandalous and appealing obscurity and lack of uniformity.

V Magazine January 2010 Size Issue Chanel GoGo

V Magazine January 2010 Size Issue Dirty Martini

Crystal Renn’s fashion size confrontation with Jacquelin Jablonski has that Terry Richardson feeling to it that gets in the way of my having an actually objective opinion. Work this size issue with me. What’s your take on it? (photos via 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

V Magazine January 2010 Crystal Renn Jacquelin Jablonski

V Magazine January 2010 Size Issue 1 V Magazine January 2010 Size Issue 2 V Magazine January 2010 Size Issue 3

V Magazine January 2010 Size Issue 4 V Magazine January 2010 Size Issue 5 V Magazine January 2010 Size Issue 6

V Magazine January 2010 Size Issue 7 V Magazine January 2010 Size Issue 8 V Magazine January 2010 Size Issue 9

V Magazine January 2010 Size Issue 10 V Magazine January 2010 Size Issue 11 V Magazine January 2010 Size Issue 12


#1 s. on 01.07.10 at 11:50 am

This topic is getting old. I understand why people claims more realist bodies and less ultra-skinny and tall models whose body are not the most common between most of the population and say that women/girls like the ones on this pictorial are more “real” but we’re not avoiding the main problem.
We want healthy models and all we are doing is go from one extreme to the other because neither skinny nor big sized models have a healthy body.

(I’m not saying that this pictorial is wrong because they aren’t thin, I find FABOULOUS that issue and I’ve always thought, and I’ll always do, that everyone must have a representation inside the fashion industry without any kind of discrimination.)

Sorry for the long text but I don’t know how wrote it shorter and made myself clear at the same time : )

#2 Adriana on 01.07.10 at 12:26 pm

s. I agree 100% and thanks for your “long text”. I’m afraid mine would have been longer.

(We text and tweet but hardly talk anymore or are willingly to read texts longer than that…….)

Poor Dakota looks like a freaky BB on that cover. Why has everyone blonde to look like her?

#3 kpriss on 01.07.10 at 12:55 pm

I actually think Dakota’s cover styling is charming. In a 70s way. And she pull is off like a charm with that innocentish stare…

s., please, don’t ever be sorry for writing long/short comments here! (or anywhere else) You deserve to be heard/read, your ideas matter and the way you choose to put them on the world’s plate is always welcomed in my book!

Adriana it’s the tech way of the world. Plus – the news now travels at the GB speed ;).

Now let me just ask you this – how do we know a model is healthy? Thin or not? What can be judged as healthy? As the normal standard?

#4 s. on 01.07.10 at 1:07 pm

Adriana I’m afraid we’ll never get an answer for that question ( it’s like wonder about life’s sense ; D).

kpriss, actually is really easy to know when a model is healthy, just calculate the body mass index. I remember some years ago, in Madrid Fashion Week any model was able to walk in any show if her BMI was under the 18.50 ( calculated with the SI mesures).

#5 Adriana on 01.07.10 at 1:32 pm

Girls, I know that of course. I’m a bit recalcitrant that I’ve to pay to read text New Year’s wishes…..I think that’s not senseless….and this is very off-topic.

There’s another thing about models that annoys me. Why do the fashion world make young girls 1look 0 years older when a 28 year old is still beautiful but supposed to be near retirement? This isn’t a point when it concerns celebrities for obvious reasons.

The healthy issue is questionable. I’ve managed to get back to a normal BMI. Huzzah for me. But I’m still not in good health. I guess it takes more to judge what and who is in real good health. It’s possible someones BMI is too low or too high and in a perfectly healthy shape.

#6 s. on 01.07.10 at 2:14 pm

Of course it takes more than have the right BMI ( I’m below the 18,50 but I’m petite, so my mum is, and I’m in my weight) but it works great in Cibeles.

I understand why they make look them older, the people who can afford this clothes are older, an ordinary teenage girl or in her twenties usually can’t so it’s logic that this people don’t want to look like “kids”. Why they make them retire when they are 28 it’s a mystery to me too.

#7 Adriana on 01.07.10 at 3:11 pm

It’s a mystery to me why the fashion world doesn’t use “older” models anymore. And if they does it are the 90’s supers. Not that I mind them but why not models of all ages?

This photo spread reminds me on the all black Vogue Italia last year. What has happened? Not much to nothing……:((

#8 Ellington on 01.07.10 at 7:51 pm

Well I prefer this to the OZ Marie Clare issue.
But sadly this will be a never ending battle/issue.
Why do women let men decide what body type is correct? Most fashion designers are male and a lot of them are gay and have no real understanding about women in my opinion. Sometimes there is a hint of the misogynistic in their attitude and their designs for women.
This is off topic I know but to get back on topic of this magazine cover post, where is the story about Dakota and Gabourey?
That I would like to read. :)

#9 Café au lait on 01.10.10 at 1:26 am

the images disturb me, it was the same with the black issue.

I don’t want an issue with only blacks, or only plus size, I just want an issue with all sizes, all colors, 2 to 12 size, black,red,yellow,blue.white,mixed,green .
I want the reality!!
ps: the photo by Terry rich. with a red belt,the skinner girl is horribly retouched the left leg is disturbingly to long.

about the health models, I was modeling about 7 years , I can recognize a normal skinnygirl all some one on diet all the time,
for example. the body of Jourdan dunn (before baby), it’s a skinny healthy body and Mia Niaria , has a skinny unhealthy body.
you can see it on the face, also.

#10 Katrin on 01.10.10 at 6:25 am

I really think its a step in the right direction, but just as Café au lait said, what we need is something with all shapes and sizes and colors.
Buts I think that the idea behind the size issued, cause there is also a shot with a skinny model in barcelona. So the idea is not about health or not health, ou can’t judge people if they are healthy or not just by their body shapes. Maybe the skinny model takes drugs and is close to death?! There are always skinny healthy and unhealthy bodys just as fat healthy and unhealth bodys. We have to come away from this: There is just one normal and healthy way.
Its not.
And it will never be.

#11 nita on 06.08.10 at 8:10 pm

Body type issue aside, I think a lot of the photos look off. It’s not the women but the editing. Some of the pictures look shawdily air brushed and the gray backgrounds look cheap. I do like the Jacquelin Jablonski photos, but having them side by side with the other model ruins it for me and is a bit obnoxious. I agree with the reviewer who said that magazines should mix body types represented in the issues.

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