Blogging With Suzy Menkes

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Revolutionizing the media and the news, blogging is the new it. Everyone has to blog to be. Blog or micro-blog (that’s tweeting fyi), is finally a question of fashion and blogging (and bloggers biensur) finally gets its rightfully merited attention (or is it that maybe talking about blogs/blogging is a la mode right now? Hmmm). Here’s the reputed Suzy Menkes with her view on the blogging phenomenon!

When the simple truth is that people, especially the ones at the top aren’t really used to receiving actual feedback, authentic and non staged, there’s no need to say that the world has changed and blogging does that. No, no! People do that! The (real) world does that!

I’m trying to look beyond this micro/macro blogging phenomenon and believe there’s something good lying there. Something better than endorsements and events green cards. No, I’m an incurable optimist and I believe in the power of the truth. In the power of the mind behind the blogged word. I believe that as long as they feed us with the proper subjects, we’ll deliver an honest and (for some) original view on what’s going on on this side of the barricade. Because let us not be fooled into this so-called fashion democracy and one Fashion Republic for all: they live in their ivory towers and we, well… we just like using computers and socializing sans the silver spoon. Don’t we? (via)

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