Where Is Joaquin Phoenix?

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We all know and (at least in what concerns me) felt the terror of losing Joaquin Phoenix for some rap coma he seemed to have induced himself into.

But here’s the good news (I couldn’t just keep it all for myself!): Joaquin is alive and well, receiving special internet and musical culture tutoring from Miley Cyrus. And he’s prophesying it further to charming Liv Tyler. It’s a non-faked video in which we all get the chance to hear Miley’s razor voice and special vision on Gaga’s Bad Romance. You’ve gotta love Joaquin’s new clean look, though (and it goes well with the TWLOHA suicide prevention campaign)! (via)


#1 Ellington on 01.23.10 at 5:25 pm

I really like Joaquin, he is a good actor (loved him in “Walk the line” and “Gladiator”!). It is nice to see him back. : )

#2 Adriana on 01.24.10 at 9:43 am

I even loved Joaquin when he was in a bad shape in hope he would come back. And there he is.:) Moving to see him with former lover Liv Tyler and.
Yes, what a razor voice Miley has I can hardly understand what she says…..it’s for a very good cause too sad that it’s needed.

#3 Adriana on 01.24.10 at 10:43 am

I visited the site. Well done. Sad that it’s necessary but great that it’s there. Recently here in the Netherlands a site like this has been introduced with a tv thema evening. It seems to work. Beautiful slogan: To Write Love on Her Arms.

#4 Nicole keewatin on 01.24.10 at 3:17 pm

I don’t like what he did before when he was having his hoax by being just absolutely sick and disgusting on purpose, for people, making a edge rally against open remarks for other people to have more discrimination to homeless people and people with social and mental disorders, his display in his clothes and how he acted, it was joke to him, it was pure ignorance, it didn’t teach any one, just created a controversy for people to think, this is what these people look like, that’s what got me mad and that display with the cards, it makes me more upset, there are now dozens of people who do not ask for dime in the street ever! or just sit still looking for handouts with a cardboard sign that says “feed me” when it’s is pure BS and I don’t care how bad it could get, I lived without running water and having anywhere to sleep, the mock in the streets, is there are dozens of facilities where people live now, and they have to up with pieces of sh-t like that who do exactly that ask for money for nothing and if working homeless people say anything to anybody their looked at, just like them the people holding signs outside, when their trying to look for a job! And I hate it, I am really disgusted with drug addicts and revenues just making a mock of other people and creating false attention for publicity stunts, just like the way Joaquin phoenix made prime example of demonstrating lies and fascism!! He was faking it before with his videos and from the lettermen interview and his performing earlier last year, I don’t care what it looks like, I’ve seen people who really have to live with what he was mocking and there was nothing wrong with him at all from the beginning and it is as plain as day as, seen in this video!

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