The Trendiest Friday Outfit

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The Breton Top is the fashion uniform these days. Why not give it a try this Friday? It’s timeless, it’s perfect, it’s in your wardrobe! I’m sure of it! If you dig deep down, you’ll find something similar! (I had the pleasant surprise of discovering two long sleeved Breton tops in some dark forgotten place in my very own outdated mummy wardrobe!).

You may or may not want to pair it with those skinny leather pants, like Dree Hemingway here, but the Breton top’s versatility will happily match it with almost anything you treasure in your closet: wide leg, fit leg, boot cut jeans/pants. Even leggings, if you feel like flaunting it! (the story continues right after the jump!)

Breton top Dree Hemingway

Just remember that the Breton top is fashion people’s current uniform, so you might have the joy of seeing more than just one in your daily landscape. Wink, just like you’re in for some secret fraternity, the fashfraternity of the Breton Top Wearers! Don’t forget to bring a splash of color to revive that Breton Top! Something red, something yellow… it could just as well be a pair of shoes, like Dree’s here. A burgundy peep toe bowed platform, as cute as the very bow on it! It softens the edgy leather skinny pants and the pointy angled black blazer.

What puzzles me is who made the shades? Anyone? They seem to be the next catwalk big thing and we’re not aware of the whereabouts of those supersized kitten sunglasses? (hint: they were catwalked chez Giles, for the Spring Summer 2010 collection) (photos via 1, 2)

Supersized Kitten Sunglasses Giles Dree Hemingway

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#1 Adriana on 10.09.09 at 8:09 am

I can easily compose such an outfit just browsing my own wardrobe! Yep, that sunglasses….Alexander Wang had them too and Rihanna sport these yet. Not for me I skip this trend.
Hemingway? Oh, the nepotism in lala land, her dad’s name and hers is Crisman! I’ve read that Lisa Marie Presley’s son with Danny Keough calls himself now Benjamin Presley! And has a singing career in mind….
Anyway to keep it positive and cheerful, it’s a nice look, that has adapted survived for decades and always has looked good. :)

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