Best Halloween Makeup

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This is definitely the best Halloween makeup I’ve seen so far! It was perfomed by a MAC make-up artist.

I’m looking on Halloween from a really bright and funny perspective. I like the costumes, the joy of impersonating a famous character. And this Lichtenstein-ish makeup has the evocative power and the aesthetic conviction to make this Halloween a joyfully artsy one! I just finished a Batman costume last night (my elder son currently experiences the Batman-ia) so I have some spare time to figure out just how this makeup is done! What do you want to be, this Halloween? (via 1, 2)

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best halloween makeup

halloween makeup 1

halloween makeup 2


#1 s. on 10.30.09 at 4:24 pm

This make-up is awesome! The second one looks like a Lichtenstein picture coming true.

And this Halloween I’m going to be Lady Gaga or Lily Allen.

#2 Tavia on 10.30.09 at 4:30 pm

Wow so many colors :) This is definitely a vibrant makeup for Halloween. Unfortunately here in my country we don’t celebrate this holiday. I think is fun for adults to have at least 1 night like this in the whole year:)

#3 Ellington on 10.31.09 at 7:34 am

It is not officially for adults Tavia it is for the kiddies, but adults can join in the fun. : )
I do not dress up any more but when I was little I did every year and I got lots of candy! :)
If I did get dressed up I think that I would like to be Lt. Nyota Uhura from Star Trek.
Yes the makeup does indeed bring to mind the Pop Art of Roy Lichtenstein. : )

Happy All Hallow’s Eve! :)

#4 Ellington on 10.31.09 at 7:35 am

Oh and happy trick or treat to your kids Kpriss! My nephews are going as Spiderman and a Power Ranger this year! : )

#5 kpriss on 10.31.09 at 9:03 am

and to think that they’re supposed to be dressed up as something scary… some evil spirit of some kind! lol! Spider Man! (or Batman, for the same logic scary reason!)

Happy trick or treat everyone! and a Happy All Hallow’s Eve!

s. that’s easy! all you gotta do is ditch the pants! you evil spirited gaga girl! :*

(I’d like to go as Morticia :X)

#6 Wendy Greer on 10.31.09 at 1:49 pm

Wow, that makeup is amzing – not sure I can pull it off for the Halloween party tonight though (unless I pretend and phtoshop some piccies!!!).

#7 Jennifer Corona on 10.26.11 at 3:23 pm

I did the makeup for the first photo. Check out the photographer here and my makeup work here.

#8 Xurmat Xara on 10.30.11 at 10:52 pm

cool and beautiful make up :)

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