Alexander McQueen Spring Summer 2010 Collection

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UPDATE: Alexander McQueen sadly is no longer among us, read more here.

Once L’enfant terrible de la mode, Alexander McQueen has grown up to be quite a terrible designer. Terrible in so many ways, I can hardly describe him. Unpredictable yet true to his clichés. Ladies (and gentlemen), Alexander McQueen Spring Summer 2010, the Fashion Show everyone (and their respective, respectable dogs) talks about!

Driving you through your deepest fears and prejudices, the fashion show debut, the short snake love film took things even further into the psychedelic of McQueen’s Spring Summer 2010, forcing you to watch yourself on the big screen as the giant cameras roll on back and forth, on the catwalk and back in the audience. (the story continues right after the jump with more images and videos of the Paris Fashion Show)

Alexander McQueen Spring Summer 2010

The alien-esques features, the aesthetic enhancements and the psychotic presentation will surely be remembered. It’s hard to forget a collection that can play with your mental state without even using any (more or less) illegal substance.

Alexander McQueen Spring Summer 2010 collection

It’s all a game, a game of repetition, of twisted vision and perspective. Takes your focus away from the clothes and place you at the models feet where uber impractical shoes bring a models catwalk to a state of art.

Alexander McQueen Spring 2010

What I loved the most? The prints. Unmistakably McQueen, his vision will guarantee free passing in anyone’s memory. What? Hallucinating prints? Yep, that’s McQueen! Also, the way he bends fabric into matching the print is quite remarkable.

Alexander McQueen summer 2010

Tons of greys, blues and earth tones. All tends to portray a Jungle Galaxy, by day and by night chez McQueen. If you already booked a place for the next Summer’s Interstellar Spaceship, buying Alexander McQueen would be just the way to get your luggage ready. Who needs to walk in zero gravity? Bring on the disastrous shoes! (and do not mess with the Interstellar-Romulan-Mermaid-Bride!)

Alexander McQueen spring summer 2010 shoes

All in all, it’s a beautiful Fashion Show, almost couture-ish. I loved every second of it. I loved it so that I instantly fell asleep right after the first part; I fell asleep and dreamed about aliens concealing weapons in their shoes and hiding a minuscule army underneath drapes of fabric, dissimulated in hallucinating prints. Also, I dreamed Lady Gaga was an alien. What? Lady Gaga was actually in the show? Hmmm (you can see photos of the entire collection here)

Alexander McQueen ss 2010

Alexander McQueen SS 10


#1 Ellington on 10.08.09 at 8:42 am

It certainly is creative, stylish and interesting to look at. I must say though that the shoes creep me out a tad and look like Viviene Westwood gone wrong.

#2 Adriana on 10.08.09 at 1:48 pm

Why don’t McQueen use his craft as a costume designer for theatre, film or a modern opera? He is really good at it! This is so not Ready-to-Wear!! Misogynist? Grrr….. these skinny creatures on that scary shoes….bah!
Beautiful fabrics? If you say so Kpriss, I also had a hard time to keep my eyes open and watch all these 16 plus minutes but I entertained myself with watching how the girls stumbled on and I studied how their hair was tortured…zzzzzzzzzz……..

#3 s. on 10.09.09 at 3:58 am

He does a great job in my opinion; ok, most of his designs are not very prèt-à-porter but are originals, creatives and some of them really interesting.
No one does a prèt-à-porter show like McQueen’s!

I must add that when I saw the first model on that shoes I’d thought that she was going to fall down.

#4 Adriana on 10.09.09 at 5:19 am

Not “very Prèt-à-Porter”? NOT at all!! But I agree no one does a “Prèt-à-Porter” show like McQueen!
I agree though about the creativity. “Interesting” yes, that’s what we say these days when something is unwearable.
And the models have far too skinny legs for those clubfoot shoes (sorry)! No one can walk faster on them as they did…argh…Today’s fashion? It’s “interesting” and “celebratism”! I’ve not seen that many shows. I do not care much about “what-the-designers-decided-us-to-wear-next-summer since it’s Autumn and it gets colder and I don’t know what’s going on next summer…….Until now (from what I’ve viewed) I’m probably ready-to-wear Phoebe Philo and Anne Valerie Hash. :)
Further all the front row hoopla isn’t my cup of tea either.
Nothing perso ladies, just my opinion.

#5 kpriss on 10.09.09 at 5:55 am

lol Adriana!

I did not fell asleep, actually. I thought it was all very mesmerizing, in a Stargate kind of way! Plus I really have a weakness for McQueen. I guess it’s because of his sense for show. For fashion show.

I decided to have some fun this season and try some reviews for the next Summer. It’s something new, since you know so well I strongly dislike talking fashion en avance…

#6 Adriana on 10.09.09 at 7:43 am

Kpriss, same here! It’s of course creative and interesting but not ready-to-wear. I’ve been always a fan and still ready-to-wear his older pieces. Oh yeah, if I had the money though….I got your humour and watched it all with a lot off interest and even dimmed the lights!! It looked so beautiful for an art performance. I stick to that. I believe also strongly McQueen is able to make great modern theatre or opera set and costume designs!! Jaja……..

#7 s. on 10.09.09 at 10:56 am

Well, some of this dresses are wearable, like the one on the second photo, but most of them are just part of the spectacle, like the shoes ( btw, I agree with you, models’ legs look creapy and reminded me some Dali’s paintings).
He’s got a particular fashion sense really “teatral” ( in my opinion, like Galliano’s).

#8 Adriana on 10.09.09 at 1:07 pm

And Viktor&Rolf’s “chainsaw massacre dresses” in their last show, another example…..voila!
They also love the theatrical adaption…..
Of late Hapsical’s Blog showed the differences between a 90’s Yves Saint Laurent (the man himself)F/W HC in 1995/96* and the brand YSL F/W HC in 2008/09* show. She compared the look of the models, the elegance of those girls and the “hungry looking” East European girls now. But I also compared the clothes….OMG, what a beauty and style in 1995! Well the HC couture was very, very, very elegant ready to wear! Nothing artsy-fartsy! A lot has become such a soap-bell, in my opinion.. The zero’s, 0000,s… the money soap-bell has bursted who knows what’s going to happen in fashion with fresh young designers and different budgets? I’m now official in love with Alexander Wang!

*I believe that were the seasons.

Another thing I like to share with you ladies, it’s because of the name Wang I guess I think about it: I saw a documentary about fashion in China some weeks ago on tv. Of course the counterfeiting thing and the western influences were briefly mentioned. This documentary was focused on new, young designers who picked up their own traditional culture. The Chinese on the country side still make their traditional silk the way they always have done that for ages before Mao. The whole process was filmed. There are a few old master tailors (still) alive who teach this wonderful heritage how to make the qipao or cheongsam, the traditional Chinese dress, to younger designers. These young designers try to make their own Chinese style translated to a more modern Chinese fashion. Based on this old traditions and that looked very interesting!!
I can slap myself in the face I’ve not recorded it because I would love to see it all again….I was complete in awe….and still am….

#9 Adriana on 10.09.09 at 1:11 pm

Oh, dear an exited Adriana got carried away again and I was not even finished….argh, one of the designers has worked on the beautiful movie with Maggie Cheung, “In the mood for love”.
I bet if you’ve seen it you love that film, remember the dresses? Made in that traditional way, sighs…..:)

#10 kpriss on 10.10.09 at 5:14 am

(Oh, Adriana, don’t tempt me! I’ll go straight to V! and I haven’t even gone through all A! Fashion Weeks, such marathons!)

You’re right, s. , McQueens special theatrical sense of fashion looks like Galliano’s. I guess they still keep the old guard up!

Adriana, indeed, the “Mood for Love” dresses were so beautiful!

#11 Daydreamer on 10.12.09 at 7:01 am

This is a very beautiful collection but it’s not at his best. As I watched the collection, I keep thinking S/S 09 all the time. Though the silhouettes are new and those shoes are killers!! I would once love to wear them on.

The part that I love the most is when whose metallic sheer dresses came out. Just so reminded me of Gaga.

But well, at the end it was a mind blowing show with those wow factors!

#12 Half Canadian on 10.01.10 at 1:01 pm

Only a gay man would want women to dress like that (and wear those shoes).

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